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Lehi James

Bradford Bulls 2007/2008 Away Shirt

Bradford Bulls 2007/2008 Away Shirt

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Introducing the Bradford Bulls 2007 Away Shirt, a cherished piece of rugby league memorabilia that encapsulates the essence of one of the sport's most storied franchises! Made with care and precision by KooGa, this jersey not only boasts a striking design but also promises exceptional quality and comfort.

Worn during the Bulls' 12th year in the Super League, this shirt witnessed moments of triumph and adversity under the captaincy of the legendary Paul Deacon. Despite its status as a used garment, it remains in outstanding condition, a testament to its durability and the pride with which it was worn.

The shirt's sleek design and premium materials make it a standout addition to any rugby league fan's collection. Its classic yet contemporary aesthetic, coupled with the Bulls' iconic colors, ensures it stands out both on and off the field.

Whether displayed proudly in a frame or worn with pride by a devoted supporter, the Bradford Bulls 2007 Away Shirt is more than just clothing—it's a symbol of passion, loyalty, and the enduring legacy of one of rugby league's most iconic clubs.

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