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Lehi James

Warrington Wolves 2015 Home shirt used

Warrington Wolves 2015 Home shirt used

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Introducing the Warrington Wolves Super League Home Shirt from the thrilling 2015 season, a cherished piece of rugby league history that embodies the passion and determination of one of the sport's most iconic teams! Under the leadership of Head Coach Tony Smith and the captaincy of the legendary Ben Westwood, the Warrington Wolves showcased their resilience and skill throughout the season, culminating in a remarkable playoff finish in the 6th spot.

Crafted in the timeless blue and yellow colors of Warrington, this jersey pays homage to the club's rich heritage and storied tradition. With its classic design and iconic emblem, it stands as a symbol of pride and unity for players and fans alike.

Despite its status as a used garment, this shirt is in excellent condition, meticulously cared for to preserve its quality and authenticity. Its vibrant colors and bold insignia remain as striking as ever, making it a standout addition to any rugby league memorabilia collection.

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