Adidas Football Shirts 23/24: Hits and Misses

Adidas Football Shirts 23/24: Hits and Misses

Introduction: As the football season progresses, it's time to take a closer look at Adidas and their performance in delivering football shirts for the 23/24 season. With a whopping 550 teams on their roster, Adidas has certainly left a mark. In this blog post, we'll delve into some of the highs and lows, picking out the shirts that have impressed and those that have fallen short.

The Misses:

  1. TSV Hartberg (Austrian Bundesliga): Austrian Bundesliga teams often flirt with sponsor overload on their shirts, but TSV Hartberg takes it to another level this year. The sheer number of sponsors is overwhelming, detracting from the essence of the team.

  1. Manchester United Away: The away kit for Manchester United this season has left fans scratching their heads. Unpleasant colors that seem disconnected from the club's identity make it a miss in the eyes of many. Sometimes, tradition and simplicity work best.

  1. Legia Warsaw: Legia Warsaw's shirt falls victim to the "boring template" syndrome. It appears as though they simply tossed a coin to determine the colors, resulting in a lackluster and unoriginal design.

The Hits:

  1. Benfica: A black kit with thin stripes of color down the middle – Benfica's shirt is nothing short of stylish. The combination of simplicity and subtle details makes it a winner.

  1. Real Madrid 3rd: Real Madrid's third kit stands out with its crisp black design, adorned with a stylish collar button and the RMCF logo on the left side. The incorporation of yellow/gold accents for the sponsor adds a touch of sophistication.

  1. Lyon 3rd: Lyon's third shirt is a vibrant splash of colors expertly blended. Unlike previous attempts that could go awry, this time Adidas has struck gold with an artful combination.

Controversial Opinions:

  1. Juventus: Despite receiving some criticism, the home and away kits for Juventus are regarded as strong contenders. The clean designs and bold choices have their merits, showcasing Adidas's commitment to innovation.

  2. AS Roma: While many have praised Roma's shirts, they don't resonate with everyone. The hype might not match personal preferences, showing that opinions on football shirts can be as diverse as the fans themselves.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Adidas has had a remarkable season with numerous standout shirts. Besiktas Away, Leeds United Away, Schalke Home, and Aberdeen Away are just a glimpse into the plethora of successful designs. As we approach the end of the season, it's clear that Adidas is on the right track, and fans can only anticipate more exciting releases in the seasons to come.

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