About us

About Lehi James

Established a few years ago, Lehi James is a brand that embodies passion and style, bringing a unique blend of designer clothing, sports fandom, and the spirit of self-expression. We started our journey with an exciting online presence and celebrated our first pop-up in the vibrant town of Harrogate. The enthusiasm from our online community propelled us to open our first permanent store in October 2022, allowing us to bring our carefully curated products to life in a physical space.

Our Passion

At Lehi James, our passion is reflected in the diverse range of products we offer. From the latest in designer clothing that elevates your style with top brands to a curated collection of Moto GP and F1 clothing and caps that exude a clean and cool aesthetic. As avid fans of rugby and football, we take pride in showcasing some of the rarest, most special, and awe-inspiring shirts for enthusiasts to explore. Our dedication to sports extends beyond mere fandom; it's a commitment to providing our customers with a distinctive and stylish selection.

Crafting Our Own Identity

Driven by a shared vision and a desire to create something uniquely ours, we ventured into the realm of establishing our very own brand. This endeavor allows us to fuse our creative minds, resulting in a collection that we are passionate about and eager to nurture as it grows.

Explore Our World

We invite you to browse through our website and discover the diverse array of products that Lehi James has to offer. From dressing in the latest designer trends to sporting the coolest Moto GP and F1 gear, and exploring the rare and special football and rugby shirts – our collections are a testament to our love for style and sports.

Visit Our Store

For a more immersive experience, we welcome you to step into our physical store. Located 16 Little Stonegate York YO1 8AX, it's a space where our carefully curated products come to life, and we'd love to meet you in person.

Join Our Journey

At Lehi James, we're not just a brand; we're a community of individuals brought together by a shared love for style and sports. Whether online or in-store, we look forward to connecting with you and sharing in the excitement of our journey.


About JVK Cosmetics

Founded in 2021 by the visionary entrepreneur Valerie Humphrey, JVK Cosmetics is a beauty haven born out of a passion for TikTok-famous brands. Valerie's dream was to curate a one-stop destination where she could bring together all her favorite beauty gems, making them easily accessible to beauty enthusiasts like herself.

Our Journey

Since our launch, JVK Cosmetics has rapidly become a beloved name in the beauty industry. With a focus on TikTok's most sought-after brands, we've cultivated a loyal customer base across the UK. The positive response from our customers has fueled our ambition, and we are now poised to spread our beauty wings internationally.

A Vision Shared with Lehi James

Valerie Humphrey expresses, "Partnering with Lehi James has been the best decision I have made since launching my business. They are very professional, and we share the same vision for our businesses' future." This collaboration has not only strengthened our brand but also paved the way for exciting opportunities on the horizon.

Expanding Horizons

In a strategic move to broaden our reach and impact, JVK Cosmetics is thrilled to announce the opening of our physical store in York from October 2023. This significant step is not only a testament to our growth but also a reflection of our commitment to providing an immersive beauty experience for our customers.

Our Partnership with Lehi James

The partnership with Lehi James signifies a shared commitment to quality, style, and customer satisfaction. Together, we aim to elevate the beauty industry by offering a curated selection of TikTok-famous brands and creating an inclusive space for beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Join Us in York

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us at our York store. Immerse yourself in the world of JVK Cosmetics, explore your favorite TikTok beauty brands, and be a part of our growing community.