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BaseBlend Pro Makeup Sponge

BaseBlend Pro Makeup Sponge

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The BaseBlend sponge by Jolie Beauty is the ultimate professional makeup sponge. Made from the softest materials. This lightweight, yet durable makeup sponge is extremely bouncy. Comparable than other top makeup sponge brands. 

Our unique shape means you can blend and sculpt to perfection. Use the rounded side to bounce and blend in your foundation and cream contour. Whilst the flat sides can be use to blend concealer and powders right up under the eyes and along with the cheekbones. Our BASEBLEND makeup sponge is so precise, it can also be used to reverse contour and also contour the nose. 

From our MUA teams experience cheap sponge materials tend to be stiffer and less malleable. Hardening after each use. Our BASEBLEND make up sponge is create from a very unique and highly quality material, specially create by Jolie Beauty. That dries out perfectly and stays in shape for longer. 

Latex Free

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