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Portugal Away shirt 2010 Used

Portugal Away shirt 2010 Used

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Introducing the Portugal 2010 Shirt, a cherished piece of football memorabilia from a pivotal year in Portuguese football history. This used shirt, adorned with Veloso on the back, captures the essence of Portugal's journey in the 2010 World Cup. Despite some pulls, the shirt remains in good condition, serving as a tangible link to the team's memorable run to the last 16.

Key Features:

  1. World Cup 2010 Edition: This Portugal shirt from 2010 commemorates the team's participation in the FIFA World Cup, a tournament that holds immense significance in the world of football.

  2. Used with Character: The shirt, though used, carries character with some pulls, adding to its authenticity and the wear it experienced during the intense matches of the World Cup.

  3. Veloso on the Back: Featuring Veloso's name on the back, this shirt pays homage to one of the players who contributed to Portugal's performance in the tournament. It adds a personalized touch to the memorabilia.

  4. Last 16 of the World Cup: Portugal's journey in the 2010 World Cup saw them reach the last 16, showcasing their football prowess on the global stage. The shirt symbolizes the team's achievements during that memorable campaign.

  5. Knocked Out by Spain: The narrative of the shirt intertwines with the momentous clash against Spain in the last 16, signifying the challenges and excitement that come with high-stakes international football.

Own a piece of Portugal's World Cup history with the 2010 Shirt. Order now to relive the moments, celebrate the players, and commemorate Portugal's presence on the grand stage of global football.

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