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Velvet Powder Puff

Velvet Powder Puff

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Meet your new favourite makeup tool. Our BEST-SELLING 'velvet feel' powder puff will level up your makeup game. The Velvet Powder Puff will leave your skin with a flawless, shine-free finish, while minimising the appearance of pores. The teardrop point of the powder puff offers precision and maximum coverage, designed to fit into all the contours of the face. The wider surface area of the powder puff is perfect to set and blend larger areas of the face. 

'Includes two large powder puffs made from microfibre surface and sponge insert' 

Directions for use: 
1. When you are ready to set your base, dip your powder puff into your setting powder, loose or pressed. 
2. Before applying the powder directly onto the skin we recommend patting the puff on the back of your hand to remove any excess product and evenly distribute the powder.
3. Gently press the powder onto the skin with the patting motions, not rubbing.  
4. Once you are happy that your makeup is all set and is how you want it, you are good to go. 



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